Social Events

Your child’s mitzvah isn’t only about the food. Neither is your daughter’s wedding. And the food at your wife’s 50th birthday party had better not be the star. A great event is about the people and the occasion. The food is merely the catalyst that makes for a memorable event. On the big day, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether the hors d’oeurves are being served at the right time. Whether it’s a bar mitzvah, an anniversary party, a wedding or a birthday party, Thomas Preti Caterers handles it.

Corporate Events

You’re not choosing a menu. You’re choosing an experience. A smudged glass doesn’t just reflect badly on the caterer. It tells your client something about your attention to detail. It’s no surprise that so many Fortune 500 companies choose Thomas Preti Caterers for events that matter. Companies in that league don’t abide smudged glasses. Preti is famous for delivering what we promise, flawlessly. Whether it’s a gala for a non-profit, a corporate dinner, a concert with VIPs or any kind of corporate or trade event, Thomas Preti Caterers will handle it.


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