IL GATTOPARDO is committed to producing top quality gastronomy, to the use of fresh and well-researched ingredients, and to keeping the tradition of Italian culture vibrant and passionate. Named after the 1963 classic Italian film, “The Leopard”, starring Burt Lancaster and Claudia Cardinale, and directed by the legendary filmmaker Luchino Visconti, Il Gattopardo serves traditional Southern Italian comfort food that has been adapted for the contemporary palate without compromising the authenticity of the cuisine, which became a must to its loyal upscale New Yorker clientele.

Located in a ground floor of a townhouse in the heart of Manhattan, the sixty-seat restaurant and the twenty-seat garden was restored by the architecture firm of Terrence Riley, Keenan/Riley, Former Chief Curator of the Architecture and Design Department of The Museum of Modern Art of New York, where the restaurateur Gianfranco Sorrentino ran the entire food operation, by Sette MoMA Restaurant, in that Museum for nearly ten years.

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