Parveen Malhotra (owner) hails from a long line of food enthusiasts and restaurateurs. His passion for food is only exceeded by his intellect. As a successful entrepreneur in the automotive industry, he seeks to leave his mark on food and hospitality industry as well. He created and owned his own restaurants on international concepts with focus on Indian Cuisine in Germany and India as well.

Here in USA, Parveen Malhotra opened his newest restaurant Haveli at 116-33 Queens Blvd, in Forest Hills.Parveen Malhotra has assembled a highly skilled team of chefs representing many of india’s varied regions to produce new dishes and classic fare.Haveli is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.Haveli seats 30 to 200 and a ideal location for casual dinning as well as social gathering

$$ (10-20)

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