We are the Mangano family, the owners of Famous Original Ray’s Pizza. The patriarch of our family, Rosolino “Ray” Mangano, started it all. He created the original Ray’s Pizza. Today we still follow Ray’s recipes. And, we prepare all of our food using only top quality ingredients. All of our loyal customers come back for a reason — We are simply the best. Thank you for your business.

Recently, there has been significant media attention surrounding the closing of the Ray’s Pizza on Prince Street and the closing of Famous Ray’s Pizza on 11th Street. A number of incorrect statements have been made in the news stories. To be clear, we own federal trademark registrations issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Ray’s Pizza trademarks. Over the years we have systematically taken steps to stop infringers from using our trademarks. We did commence an infringement lawsuit against the operator of the Famous Ray’s Pizza located on 11th Street. That lawsuit was recently settled.

We have an important message for all infringers of the Ray’s Pizza trademarks: WE WILL STOP YOU. If you want to avoid litigation and the payment of damages STOP NOW.


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