The New Corner was founded in 1936 by Vincenzo Colandrea as a one room pizzeria. Through hard work and endless hours of supervision and determination, New Corner Restaurant has expanded into a full-service, third generation Italian restaurant that is now considered a “Landmark” to visit when in Brooklyn. In addition to placing the quality of food and service on the highest priority, the Colandrea family has always tried to maintain the family-oriented feel a customer experiences when dining here. When you’re here, you’re part of the family. Second Generation Management was passed to Vincenzo’s son, Joseph Colandrea, in 1963. Currently Joseph’s two sons, Vincent and Steven Colandrea, are the third generation managers who, adhearing to a strict formula inherited from their father and grandfather, maintain the very qualities that make this restaurant what it is today.

It is our sincere hope that in the awareness of our experience and background you will appreciate and enjoy the variety of specialties offered on our menu. Buon Appetito!

$$ (10-20)

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